5 Best Bilge Pumps for Kayaks and Small Boats

Are you an avid kayaker or boat enthusiast? Safety should always be your top priority while out on the water. One essential item that every kayaker or boat owner should have is a reliable bilge pump. Bilge pumps are used to remove unwanted water from your kayak or small boat, keeping you dry and safe. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 bilge pumps for kayaks and small boats to help you make an informed decision. Read on to find the perfect bilge pump for your needs.

# Preview Title Purchase Link
1 Product Preview NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit
2 Product Preview Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Hand Pump for Kayaks and Small Boats
3 Product Preview SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump – Self-Priming, Manual Bilge Pump for Water Removal on Small Boats, Kayaks, Canoes, Bilges or Any Place Water Collects – 24″ x 36″ Hose
4 Product Preview Harmony Gear High Volume Bilge Pump for Kayaks – Handheld Bilge Pump
5 Product Preview Kayak/canoe Pump With Float
6 Product Preview Attwood 11596-2 Emergency Hand-Operated Livewell Bilge Pump with Removable 32-inch Hose, White
7 Product Preview Nrs Kayak Bilge Pump Yellow One Size
8 Product Preview Pelican Boats – Paddlers Bilge Floating Hand Pump – PS1374-2 – Kayak/Canoe/Boat Water Hose Evacuation, Black/Grey
9 Product Preview Best Marine Manual Bilge Pump | Portable Hand Water Pump with 2ft Hose | Kayak & Boat Accessories | Small Hand Operated Suction & Siphon Pump | Water Removal Pumps | Jon Boats, Dinghy, Kayaks
10 Product Preview Attwood 11595-2 Hand-Operated Bilge Pump, for Kayaks, Canoes, Small Fishing Boats, 18 Inches Long, Pumps 8 GPM

1. NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit

The NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit is the ultimate safety companion for any boating adventure. This easy-to-carry bag contains important items that you need in case of an emergency. The Fox 40 Epik Whistle, included in the kit, is extremely useful in water environments with its loud noise that can be heard from a distance. The whistle also features a cushioned mouth grip and breakaway lanyard for added convenience. Another vital item in the kit is the NRS Paddle Float, which is designed to be easily inflated and used in case of a capsize or need for additional stability. This safety kit is a must-have for any kayaker or small boat owner.


  • – Easy-to-carry bag
  • – Fox 40 Epik Whistle with cushioned mouth grip and breakaway lanyard
  • – NRS Paddle Float for additional stability


  • – Convenient and compact design
  • – Essential items for emergencies
  • – High-quality whistle with a loud noise
  • – Easy-to-use paddle float


  • – Limited storage space in the bag
  • – Whistle may be too loud in certain situations
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2. Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Hand Pump for Kayaks and Small Boats

The Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Hand Pump is an ergonomic and efficient solution for water removal in kayaks and small boats. Its comfortable and easy-grip rubber overmolded handle ensures a secure grip even when wet. The neon yellow stock provides high visibility, making it easy to locate in case of emergency. Additionally, this pump features a foam collar that adds buoyancy in case it accidentally goes overboard. Its manual pump action allows you to suck water with a pull and disperse it with a push, and it can even accept a hose for targeted water removal. With its compact dimensions and lightweight design, this pump is a valuable tool for any kayaker or small boat owner.


  • – Ergonomic rubber overmolded handle
  • – High visibility neon yellow stock
  • – Foam collar for additional buoyancy
  • – Manual pump action with hose compatibility


  • – Comfortable and easy to grip
  • – Easy to spot in emergency situations
  • – Adds buoyancy in case of accidental loss
  • – Versatile with hose compatibility


  • – May require multiple strokes for optimal water removal
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3. SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump

The SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump is a self-priming and versatile manual pump designed for water removal in small boats, kayaks, canoes, bilges, or any area where water collects. Its anti-leak design ensures efficient water removal, while the removable 36-inch hose provides easy storage and maneuverability. The large ergonomic handle offers a comfortable and easy grip, allowing you to reach small and compact areas with ease. The plunger washer forces water up and through the outlet, ensuring effective water removal. With its lightweight and corrosion-resistant construction, this bilge pump is built to last.


  • – Anti-leak design with removable hose
  • – Large ergonomic handle
  • – Self-priming pump
  • – Efficient water removal in small and compact areas


  • – Easy to store and maneuver
  • – Comfortable grip for extended use
  • – Versatile for various water removal needs
  • – Lightweight and corrosion-resistant


  • – Hose may require frequent reattachment
  • – Limited capacity for large-scale water removal
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4. Harmony Gear High Volume Bilge Pump for Kayaks

The Harmony Gear High Volume Bilge Pump is a handheld pump that keeps you dry and safe by efficiently removing water from your kayak. Its unique design expels water on both upward and downward strokes, ensuring maximum efficiency and reducing fatigue. The foam-padded handgrip provides a non-slip grip and also adds buoyancy to the pump. Made with a synthetic body and shaft, this pump is built to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater. With a water removal rate of approximately 1 gallon per 13 to 14 pumps, this pump is a reliable tool for any kayaker.


  • – Efficient water removal on both upward and downward strokes
  • – Foam-padded handgrip for non-slip grip and buoyancy
  • – Synthetic body and shaft for corrosion resistance
  • – Reliable water removal rate


  • – Maximizes efficiency and reduces fatigue
  • – Provides buoyancy for added convenience
  • – Durable and resistant to saltwater corrosion
  • – Consistent water removal rate


  • – Requires repetitive pumping for optimal results
  • – Relatively shorter length compared to other models
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5. Kayak/canoe Pump With Float

The BECKSON 318P1FPS3R Kayak/Canoe Pump With Float is a compact and efficient bilge pump perfect for kayaks and canoes. This pump is built with a float that ensures it stays afloat in case it accidentally falls overboard. With its high-quality design, this pump features excellent water removal capabilities, allowing you to quickly and effectively remove water from your kayak or canoe. Its compact size makes it easy to store in your kayak’s cockpit or securely rig it on deck using bungee rigging. Trust this pump to keep you dry and safe on your kayaking adventures.


  • – Compact and efficient design
  • – Float for added buoyancy and easy retrieval
  • – Excellent water removal capabilities
  • – Easy storage in kayak cockpit or secure rigging on deck


  • – Space-saving and easy to carry
  • – Stays afloat in case of loss
  • – Quickly removes water from kayak or canoe
  • – Convenient storage options


  • – May require frequent emptying due to smaller capacity
  • – Float may impede movement in tight spaces
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Buying Guide

If you’re still unsure about which bilge pump is right for you, consider the following factors before making your purchase. Firstly, determine the size and capacity you require based on your kayak or small boat. Secondly, consider the ease of use and ergonomics of the pump. A comfortable grip and efficient pumping mechanism can make a significant difference in emergency situations. Lastly, think about the durability and quality of the materials used to ensure your bilge pump can withstand the harsh marine environment. By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose a bilge pump that meets your specific needs and provides you with peace of mind during your water adventures.


With the top 5 bilge pumps for kayaks and small boats, you can now make an informed decision and choose the perfect safety companion for your water adventures. Remember, safety should always come first, and having a reliable bilge pump is crucial for any kayaker or boat enthusiast. Whether you choose the NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit, Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Hand Pump, SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump, Harmony Gear High Volume Bilge Pump, or the Kayak/canoe Pump With Float, you can trust that these pumps will keep you dry and safe on the water.

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